Club Facilities and Grounds


Club House Rentals


Our Club House is available for rentals with advance reservation.  You must be a member in good standing to rent the clubhouse.

Fees: Club House $75 per 5 hours, with a cleaning deposit of $50. 

Kitchen may be rented with Club House for an additional
fee of $50 per 5 hours and an additional cleaning deposit of $50. 

Cleaning deposits are returned after inspection if the facilities are
in the same condition as when rented and key(s) returned.

If Club House is being used just prior to a scheduled rental; our Club
House must be cleaned and vacated not less than one hour prior to 
scheduled rental time.

General Rental Rules;

1)      Rental of the club facilities constitutes only the building and parking areas.  Pistol and Rifle ranges will remain open unless otherwise defined in the rental agreement

2)      Rental of club facilities does not permit the use of range facilities at ANY time without prior written consent by the Littlestown Fish and Game Board of Directors

3)      Alcohol is permitted while contained in the clubhouse but is the sole responsibility of the Lessee and only when permission is indicated on this agreement and approved by the Board of Directors.

4)      Illegal drugs of any kind are not permitted on club grounds and in facilities

5)      Firearms are prohibited in the clubhouse, excepting those legally possessed under PA law for concealed carry purposes

6)      Ranges remain open during most events, it is your responsibility to ensure that no guests impede the use of the ranges.  All Participates must remain in the immediate facility of the club house.

7)      Rental Fees and rental agreement are due at reservation

Email us for more information on rentals



1)  Fishing is for members, their spouses, children and grandchildren, except for special occasions.

2)  No live minnows or crayfish are allowed.

3)  No wading, swimming or boating is allowed except at club authorized events.

4)  Fishing season will be in accordance with Pennsylvania Fishing Regulations.

5)  Please practice catch and release.

6)  Positively no littering or throwing trash around or in the pond.

7)  No fires allowed.

8)  No digging in the pond.

9)  Ice skating allowed only by permission from the pond committee chairperson, or President.

10)  No night fishing allowed.  Pond closes one half (½) hour after sunset.

Pond closed - Monday from 4 pm to dusk during regularly scheduled Trap and / or Sporting Clays, 5 Stand and / or 10 Stand.

Pond closed - Saturday from sunrise to 6 pm, during regularly scheduled Sporting Clays.

Pond closed - any other Trap and / or Sporting Clays held on any day at any time.  Pond will close one hour before the event is to begin and reopen three hours after event ends.

No fishing from Pond during time Pond closed.

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