General Event Rules


Sporting Clays:

1)  Firearms allowed on course are 12 gage or smaller firing 1250 ft per second with shot no larger than # 7-1/2.

2)  Maximum load no larger than 1-1/8 ounce, lead shot.

3) All guns must be open and unloaded at all times, except while in the shooters station.

4)  Load gun only when in the shooters box.

5)  Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

6)  Please police your empties and any litter in your area.

Trap Shoot:

1)  Maximum of 12 gauge guns firing 3 drams equivalent or 1250 per second with a maximum of # 7 ½ shot.

2)  Maximum load will be no more than 1-1/8 ounce of lead shot.

3)  All uncased guns must be open and unloaded at all times while being transported.  While guns are being transported, they should be pointed in a safe direction.

4)  Guns must be unloaded before the shooter changes positions on the trap field.

5)  If the trap house Red Flag is displayed, shooters must unload their firearms and stand down.

6)  Spectators may not enter the trap field.  Instructors and / or persons assisting Shooters with disabilities are accepted.

7)  Loud talk should be held to a minimum.

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