Becoming a Member - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thank you for considering joining the Littlestown Fish and Game Club.  Here is a list of some of more frequently asked questions regarding becoming a member, it may not cover all your questions so please feel free to reach out to us via

-Do I have to be sponsored by someone in the club in order to join?
NO, simply complete the registration process

- Do I need to attend a monthly general membership meeting to join?
No, but The membership committee believes that this is the best time to complete your application process. This includes finalizing any paperwork and issuing you a badge and gate key to access the club facilities and grounds.

When are the membership meetings?
2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm in the club house.

-Will you share my information?
YOU control in your profile how much is viewable, even that is very limited. Regarding the clubs use of your information, review our privacy short we want to protect your information and ensure it is used ONLY for very limited purposes during club communications.

- Do you store my credit card on this site?
NO, when you make a purchase online, the club does not store your information on our website, ONLY the transaction history, such as approval, amount, etc....

- Is my information safe?
Our service provider, Wild Apricot, is a industry leader in providing secure sites for non-profit clubs. More than 6000 of these sites are deployed just like this one.

-Do you have a family membership?

No, but your spouse or children living in your residence are welcome to join you at the range or events

-Can I bring guests?
We ask that you limit guests to 1 guest per time and 1 time per year.  We are a membership organization and do not have a way to manage guest entry and related liability risks.

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